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The Top 6 Must-Have Large Kitchen Appliances

Choosing the right large kitchen appliances can add some groove to your kitchen.

However, like with any small or big appliance, choosing the one that will perfectly meet your needs is a challenge.

That’s why we’ve done thorough research and compiled a list of the most popular and essential large kitchen appliances every kitchen should have.

Quick Overview







So, here we go!

bosch machine GE Adora JGB720 KitchenAid KRFC300E GE JVW5301 GE JGS760
Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N
The best Gas Stove - GE Adora JGB720
Refrigerator - KitchenAid KRFC300E
Range Hood - GE JVW5301
Wall oven - Café CTS70DP2NS1
Slide-in gas range - GE JGS760

1.The best dishwasher – Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N

How we chose the dishwasher?

bosch machine

First, there were a few essential requirements that we focused on when choosing the dishwasher.

These features included: there is a height-adjustable upper rack as well as a couple of folding tines that allow you to make space for both smaller and larger items like trays, pots, or large bowls.

1. Nylon-coated racks – unlike vinyl or PVC which can easily crack over time, nylon is much more resistant and is unlikely to expose the wireframe underneath.

2. A soil sensor – this sensor is also known as turbidity sensor. It tells your dishwasher when it should extend or end the cycle.

This depends on how much junk is floating in the wash water.

3. A stainless steel tub – Unlike a plastic tub, this tub dampens the noise and speeds up the drying process.

Apart from these, there were also a few very important features we paid close attention to:

Flexible and intuitive racking – there is upper rack as well which is height adjustable as a couple of folding tines that allow you to make space for both smaller and larger items like trays, pots, trays large bowls.

There is also a third rack for utensils that makes room on lower racks.

When researching, we also focused on the rack layout and tine spacing.

While some racks have obvious zones, other racks are more free form.

Zone approach attracted more of our attention, but it also has some downsides we kept in mind during our decision-making process.

Quiet an operation – like with many appliances and devices, the noise a certain device makes is also important when choosing the one that will fit your needs.

That’s why we have focused on quiet operation.

Anything less than 45 decibels is essentially inaudible unless you are standing right next to the machine.

This means that if you are in the room next to the kitchen you practically won’t be able to hear it.

Today, you can easily find a practically silent dishwasher.

A good reputation when it comes to customer service and reliability – one of the essential things you need to keep in mind when choosing almost any appliance is customer support.

In case something breaks, you need to be able to communicate with someone who can help you solve the problem instantly.

One of the easiest and the best ways to check the quality of the product is reviews.

Through reviews, you can find our if there are some recurring issues you need to pay attention to.

There were also some less important features we ere aware of but didn’t focus so much on:

Cleaning ability – while it is very important that cleaning is done as easily as possible, it is not one of the crucial features a dishwasher should have.


Because most dishwashers are excellent cleaners.

To check the performance of each dishwasher we load them with dishes and not just smaller ones but also bigger ones.

These dishes are very filthy which makes them even harder to wash and clean.

It turns out that almost 100 per cent of dishes come out super clean.

Of course, some designs might work better than others.

However, basic designs already work very well, so we didn’t favor any extras.

Drying style – almost half of the dishwashers have a heat – dry option, which washes any moisture off the dishes.

The other half of the dishes are designed to rely on condensation, which means that there is no point adding some extra heat after the final rinse.

Although heat drying works much better on plastic it generally uses more energy.

Condensation drying is good for metal and ceramic and uses very little additional energy.

Which one you will choose depends highly on your preferences.

Cycles and options – Most people use normal/auto, heavy, and rinse cycles.

During the process of the election, we slightly favored models that have options to run a faster, normal – powered cycle.

However, we didn’t pay much attention to these details.

Advertised capacity – this is another feature we focused on when choosing the dishwasher.

This capacity is measured in several place settings.

The fact is that this is measured in several place settings.

It’s an antiquated concept so we generally didn’t pay much to it either.

Generally speaking, most machines hold somewhere between 14 and 15 lace settings.

Efficiency – although efficiency is, by all means, an important criterion, we didn’t prioritize this because most of the machines are super-efficient.

However, one thing we took into account is the Energy Star Badge.

This is something most dishwashers qualify for.

It’s important to know that the most efficient dishwasher will save around $10 of electricity per year compared to a typical Energy Star model

Waste disposal – In most cases, dishwashers use filters to dispose of food junk.

These filters rarely break meaning that this feature does not play a major role when choosing a dishwasher.

Also, they have to be clean just a few times a year.

There are also models with masticator that pulverizes the food waste.

However, only a few models still have this, so it’s not such an important feature.

Warranty – last but not the least, is the guarantee that your dishwasher will work for many years to come regardless of the circumstances it is in.

Most of the dishwashers come with a one year warranty that covers labour and parts.

However, these are not the parts that tend to break often. When it comes to the cost of labour, most producers don’t offer warranties beyond one year.

All in all, a good dishwasher that has all of these features costs between $650 to $850.

Of course, the best models are the most reliable ones offering plenty of reliable and rack space and are pretty silent.

However, you can find a decent well – functioning machine for less money that has most of these features and meets the main criteria when it comes to noise, solid construction, and stainless tub.

These mostly don’t have soil sensors.

But, you need to bear in mind that spending a few extra dollars could get you a super-efficient dishwasher with better reliability and longevity.

Our pick: Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N

This dishwasher is probably the best choice for most people for several reasons.

Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N

It’s much more spacious than the rest of the dishwasher we have tested and you can load different kinds of dishes of all shapes and sizes easily.

Customer service is more helpful than other customer services.

It is also super – quiet that you can barely hear it when sitting in another room.

This model uses less energy than other models and it is great at drying plastic.

Also, the one-hour wash-and-dry option is simply unique at this price.

When it comes to racks, they are the best thing about this dishwasher.

They are much larger, more convenient and easier to lead when compared with other competitors.

So, if you have a big family and need to wash piles of dishes daily, this machine is just what you need in your kitchen.

Plus, you can load several oddly-shaped dishes which usually don’t easily fit into another dish washer which is also a huge advantage and one more reason why this machine should be your pick.

Another thing that caught our attention is the v-shaped third rack that is tucked at the top of the tub.

According to many reviews that we have read this is ultimately the biggest advantage of this dishwasher.

The third rack is usually ideal for shallow trays.

In this way, you will be a bel to take out cutlery basket and make some space for plates and pots.

Another great thing is that this rack in 300 series has a dip in the centre that creates extra space allowing you to load spatulas, measuring cups, whisks, sippy-cup lids, and others.

This series also has a handy height-adjustment feature on the middle rack that allows you to load tall items.

Since this machine is very quiet and almost impossible to hear when it finishes washing the dishes, some of the models project a red dot on the floor so that they would let you know they are running.

If this machine needs repair, it is covered by one of the best warranties you can find with this model.

Bosch covers parts and labour for a year which usually comes with most models.

When it comes to customer service, it’s much better than the customer service you might get with other models.

By reading through thousands of reviews we can only say that that the Bosch service seems to get most of the compliments.

Of course, it is not perfect, but far better than the others.

We have already mentioned that this model is super quiet which is another big plus.

It runs at the volume of 44 decibels which means that people standing in the room where the dishwasher is won’t even be able to hear it.

On top of this, this model has a few options you usually don’t find with other models.

Also, it is super efficient as it uses about 2.9 gallons per load and uses 269 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.

There are a few midrange dishwashers and several high-end dishwashers that use even less energy, but very few use less water.

The 300 series comes in 17 variant.

Most of the differences are esthetic, but they all generally perform identically.

The best variant has a recessed handle with a stainless finish and visible controls.

All of them come in black, white and panel-ready finishes and with scoop handles.

All in all, great value for money.


The 300 Series (our main pick) comes in 17 variants.

The differences are mostly aesthetic, and they all perform identically.

The very good selling option has controls that are visible and a recessed handle with a stainless finish.

They also come in white, black, or panel ready finishes, and usually with bar or scoop handles.

Some retailer-specific models come with extra features, but most of them aren’t very important.

Young children might mess with the buttons on front-control models, or hang from the bar handle like a jungle gym.

But apart from those practical considerations, your choice should mostly boil down to personal taste, so you should pick whatever you’re comfortable with.

Here’s a chart to help you sort through all the options.


2. The best Gas Stove – GE Adora JGB720

During our research, we mainly focused on gas-powered stoves, 30 inches wide, because this seems to be the most common size used widely.

GE Adora JGB720

All the stoves we researched have finished sides and backgrounds and they are not as expensive as some other models.

How we chose our model?

As with all the appliances, we focused on a few important features when analyzing which gas stove would perfectly fit anybody’s needs while paying attention to the price.

We have compared almost 60 models and consulted a bunch of experts to find the perfect one.

So here are the features we consider to be the most important when choosing a gas stove:


When it comes to the power burner, you can expect to have 17000 or 18000 Btu on better models.

The fact is that the stronger burners will heat your cookware much faster, so you will need to wait just a couple of minutes for the water to boil or for a pan to get hot enough.

According to most readers, it is better to have the strongest burners in the front row of the cooktop, but then again, some other people think it’s better to have the strongest ones at the back of the cooktop so that kids would not be able to reach them.

Most gas ranges also have a 500 Btu simmer burner which is useful when you need to simmer, hold or melt or even minimize the risk of scorching.

Plus, gas ranges usually come with a central griddle that comes useful when cooking bacon, eggs or making pancakes or grilled cheese without a pan.

Another great feature is continuous grates as they make it easy to slide cookware around the surface of the cooktop and helps you balance larger items better than the smaller ones.

Also, a lot of people think that smaller grates simply look much nicer.

Most of the stoves that have this feature cost around $700.


Another thing you need to bear in mind is, of course, the capacity of the stove.

Most ovens are larger than 4.8 cubic feet, which gives you plenty of room to prepare meals like Thanksgiving turkey a huge pizza.

Almost an oven comes with two racks, but some models have three racks which enable greater flexibility.

If you decide to spend more than $700, you have to be sure that you have a convection fan.

If you decide to turn it off, you may expect to cook it at lower temperatures for less time.

Most of the gas ranges come with a broiler.

With high-tier and mid-tier ranges, this is an overhead boiler that you can find in the main cavity.

On the other hand, cheaper models mostly have beneath the oven below broiler drawer, which which might be hard to reach and in most cases, it doesn’t work like with the integrated rollers.

So, you might want to avoid models that are cheaper than $700 if you are intending to use a broiler a lot.

From our point of view, it’s great to have a self-cleaning mode.

Repair technicians believe that high-heat cleaning models will significantly shorten the span of your model by damaging the electronics or heating the lament.

However, this is also one of the easiest ways to clean the oven which is a big advantage.

Manual cleaning is pretty hard, demanding and time-consuming.

Some of the ranges also have a self-cleaning feature, steam-based, but this is not effective according to most reviews that we have read.

All in all, f you decide to spend more than $700 on a range, it should have a high-heat cleaning mode.

Quality and design

When it comes to quality and design, we believe that one of you should go for when choosing a stove is stainless steel.

At the front of the range, and during our research, we mainly looked for models that have knobs securely fastened without a large gap between the body and the dial.

Also, we looked for ovens that opened smoothly but not too lightly.

We also looked for models where racks and drawers glided and that have a tightly laminated control panel.

We also jiggled the grates just to see how securely they were on the cooktop and how easy it is to remove them from the cooktop.

Reliability and customer service

As we have already mentioned, another important feature is definitely customer service.

We don’t say that the model you choose will necessarily break down, but you need to keep in mind that there is a possibility you will have to consult customer service in case something happens.

This is why customer service plays a major role here.

We favored slightly older and more popular models because we know that they have a bunch of user ratings, which gives us more insight and helps us learn more about them.

Since we have extensive experience in consulting experts in various things and features regarding each appliance, smaller or big one, we have also gathered invaluable feedback from repair technicians about the brands they consider to be most reliable.

Of course, this is only contributing to our decision – making process and doesn’t play such a big role.

Less important features

Besides the essential features that we believe any stove should have, there are also some less important nice-to-have features which we didn’t focus so much on when choosing our stove.

Many gas stoves come with a wok grate, a temperature probe or any other cooking accessory which can be cool and useful.

However, you can buy each one of them separately as well.

There are some extra cooking modes such as food-specific presets, scan-to-cook modes and delayed starts but we honestly doubt that anyone would ever use them.

We considered these models because it is really hard to avoid them, but this is not something that we put on our list of priorities and we didn’t favor them so much.

Wi-fi connectivity is also a nice-to-have feature, but let’s face it – it won’t baste the turkey, or turn the turkey sheet.

There are a few cases when internet connectivity might come in handy but these cases are so rare that we don’t have to list it on our list of the most important features.

Our pick – GE Adora JGB720

Once we have done all the research and analyses a variety of gas stoves, we have concluded that the best option would be GE Adora JGB720.

Our pick - GE Adora JGB7201

This is a freestanding gas range, which seems well-built and sturdy with almost no signs of defects or some kind of malfunction.

Also, it is available in more, better-looking finishes that most ranges at this price (below $1000 roughly).

As for the cooktop, it is versatile and it has a decent-sized oven with a self-cleaning mode and convection.

On the other hand, this oven doesn’t have a number pad.

It comes with two racks and only one retailer offers it – Home Depot.

However, we consider this model to be the most freestanding out there on the market.

We had an opportunity to check models at home Depot and we didn’t find any signs of wear and tear or with the build quality.

The control panel was tightly laminated and the knobs felt pretty secure.

Also, the racks and the storage drawer slid rather nicely and easily in and out.

Also, they extended nicely to the edge of the cooktop which allows you to have more room to work.

Finally, they are made of cast iron which is a huge plus if we take into account that it is more heat retentive than steel.

To get all the bits and pieces and find out about its performance, we dived deep into numerous reviews we could find and found no evidence of reliability problems or anything similar.

Most of the problems we encountered were about either shipping or installation, defective units or some issues that could be said almost about any kind of gas stove.

This model comes in four finishes: stainless steel, slate, black stainless steel and black slate.

Most ranges come in just stainless or glossy black and white.

Luckily, Adora gives you more options to choose from and find the one that will perfectly fit into your kitchen and the interior.

This specific model has 18000 Btu power burner which means that it is as efficient as any other gas stove at lower or higher prices.

To put it simply, it should be able to boil a gallon of water in 8 to 10 minutes, depending on the pan and other materials used.

Cooktop layout is another thing we especially like when it comes to this model.

It has the two most powerful burners upfront – 15000 burner on the right and 18000 power burner on the left side.

Most people use these burners most frequently and a lot which means that it’s great to have them in the front row.

Surprisingly, this is not the case with most of the competing ranges.

In the back row, there is a 5000 simmer burner on the left and 9500 Btu burner on the right.

We cannot be certain, but we believe that the simmer burner is low enough to handle tasks like eating butter without burning it too easily.

On top of this, there is also an 8000 oval-shaped burner in the centre.

It also comes with the griddle you can use over that burner.

Finally, the whole cooktop surface is covered with continuous iron-cast grates making it easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

This oven is also quite spacious allowing you to place a Thanksgiving turkey easily.

A single-fan convection mode spreads the heat more evenly and allows for more uniform cooking temperatures.

Its size is 5.0 cubic feet.

Also, it offers a high-heat cleaning option plus a steam-and-wipe mode.

On Home Depot, most users gave this model four stars which makes it the most positively reviewed gas stove we have 


3. The best counter-depth refrigerator – KitchenAid KRFC300E

A refrigerator is another big appliance that you simply must-have in your kitchen.

KitchenAid KRFC300E

It is one of the most essential appliances as it does the most important thing – it stores food.

We did some in-depth research, analyzed numerous reviews, paid close attention to the most important features and decided that Kitchenaid KRFC300E is the best pick.

Here’s why.

How we picked Kitchenaid KRFC300E?

Most fridges work well.

This is why we focused on the things that make them pleasant to live with:

No obvious signs of malfunction: like most appliances, fridges work well for some time and then they simply break.

Since we are not able to predict how long they will last, we dived into a bunch of reviews and read about other people’s experience so that we would know what models and functionalities we should focus our attention on.

For instance, if it turns out that there are a lot of complaints about certain issues like faulty doors, ice-maker leakage, compressor failure, etc. we definitely won’t recommend that specific model.

High-quality built and layout – another thing we focused on is naturally the design.

Since you will be using your fridge many times per day, it must be pleasant to use and that it can withstand heavy use.

In a counter-depth model.

The whole layout and use of space are particularly important because the models generally have 20 per cent less capacity than typical types of fridges.

We also thought about whether it is easy to pull out drawers, whether the shelves feel sturdy and thick.

We thought about whether the design is intuitive and whether the fridge takes up a large amount of interior space.

So, we considered a wide range of factors before making our final decision.

Style – besides functioning, performance, size and quality, we also paid attention to the style.

This is something that most people consider very important because it has to fit nicely into the interior.

This is why we prioritized models with professional look handles, bright lighting, clean lines, etc.

When it comes to the price, we wanted to narrow our choice, so we set a price cap of around $3000.

We examined around 11 models at this price.

Our pick – KitchenAid KRFC300ESS

There is a whole list of reasons why we have chosen to buy this specific model.

Let’s begin from the beginning.

It has an amazing look.

It has a sturdy build, aesthetic appeal, and super handy features.

It’s a spacious fridge with a minimalistic, sleek exterior and subtly textured handles.

This specific model has some extra features included that you can rarely see with the fridge of this type which is another major reason why this one should be your pick.

For example, this includes a product which preventive captures ethylene and a metal wine rack.

In this way, your food will stay well-preserved without producing bad smell.

Also, your fruit and vegetables will taste good for a longer period.

This is a huge benefit as one of the biggest problems with most refrigerators is the bad smell the food produces over time.

When it comes to size, it has a 20-cubic-foot capacity which is standard for a counter-depth fridge of this price range.

Since this model is tight on space, it’s better to choose the model that a water dispenser that comes through the door as it will take up much space.

Luckily, this model has a small dispenser on the inside of the fridge and there is an ice-maker inside the freezer.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

There is a whole range of other features which are more or less the same as with other refrigerators.

Some of these include five glass spill-proof shelves, a butter tray, two sliding wire baskets in the freezer, digital temperatures control and five transparent door bins.

There are three finishes of this model: white, stainless steel and trendy black stainless.

A few minor drawbacks

Like with most big home appliances, there are various issues you can encounter sooner or later.

This model is no exception. However, those issues are so small that you don’t really have to worry about them.

For example, there might be some issues with cooling, ice-maker breakage, door closure, etc.

However, be mindful that ratings for this fridge are absolutely above average.

Also, you may find it hard to operate the internal water dispenser but this is also not a deal-breaker.

Who should get this fridge?

Here we cover only freestanding counter-depth fridges which are noticeably shallower than standard-depth fridges.

Shallower fridges can be really practical because they are much easier to clean as the back of the fridge is within reach.

Standard depth fridges can be difficult to handle because their extra depth simply doesn’t fit well into some kitchens.

These fridges don’t look so sleek because they are not built-in but they are still rather stylish and easier to install.

Also, note that most freestanding fridges come in French door design which is a huge advantage as this kind of fridge can accommodate large items.

There are also many other designs available.

However, one of the essential things most people focus on when buying a fridge is how spacious it is.


4. The Best Range Hood – GE JVW5301

Why do most people need a range hood?

GE JVW5301

To get rid of smoky air and bad smells from your kitchen.

To find the one that will perfectly meet your needs, we spent around 30 hours researching all the important features and the best hoods out there on the market.

Our choice is definitely GE JVW5301, and here is why:

How we picked the range hood?

We have talked with a bunch of experts to find out what things we should pay close attention to.

So we narrowed our search to the models with features that should make you happy and help you get the fridge that you deserve.

Crucial – minimal features:

First, we eliminated all the models that didn’t meet basic requirements like the following:

Between 300 and 400 CFM of air movement – According to experts, you should have a typical 30 or 36-inch range of a cooktop, a hood in the 300 to 500 CFM range which is adequate.

There is no need to choose anything more than that, only if you use very smoky cooking methods (like, for example, if you tend to cook at high temperatures).

Also, keep in mind that too much air can complicate things.

For example, there’s no only a lot of air wasting but there is also present huge negative pressure inside your home which is something for avoiding because it draws in uncooled or unheated infiltration air from your house.

So in general, you won’t need that powerful fan.

HVI certification – while doing our research we only considered hoods that are certified by Home Ventilating Institute.

These HVI tests assure you that any power, noise ratings and other specs of any hood you have chosen or are planning to buy are in accordance with the producer’s report.

At least three fan speeds – performance and efficiency play a big role when it comes to the range hood.

Three speeds should be the minimum number of settings one range hood should have.

For example, the lowest speed is usually good for boiling water and medium speeds are good for low-powered frying like grilled cheese or making an egg.

And it should not be too loud.

Higher settings are great for cooking like stir-frying, searing, or even smelly kind of food, like fish. 

Although it can be quite loud, you won’t need this option so much.

A variety of finishes – one of the things we also focused on ways to find different types of finishes so that everyone can a fridge that is a perfect fit for their home and kitchen designs and styles.

Adjustable lighting options – different types of hoods come with different lightening.

However, some sorts of hoods have better lighting than others.

From our point of view, the best hoods have one bulb or even more bulbs or that have adjustable lighting levels (like, for instance, medium, low, off).

There are producers of some models that call their low setting night light because some people like to leave this light overnight.

This is why we mainly searched for hoods that have dim lighting options.

Important features

There are a few features that make hoods more pleasant to use and this is why they are considered as essentials when it comes to choosing the right hood.

Automated fan – some models come with a heat sensor that automatically turns the hood on once the cooktop reaches a certain temperature.

Also, this might automatically adjust the speed based on the amount of heat or grease it senses, and then automatically turn off once the air is cleared.

Less noise – if hoods have higher fan speeds they can be incredibly loud.

This is why we mostly opted for the much quieter models.

The noise is measured in sones – units of loudness that account for perceived sound.

Most range hoods tend to fall somewhere between 5 and 8 sone range at their highest speeds.

This is around 60 70 decibels (which is about some noise TV makes when it is turned up high).

Standard features

Besides these great and important features, there are also standard ones that almost any hood should have.

These include:

Warranty – in most cases, hoods come with a one-year warranty that covers the motor if it breaks, although this rarely happens.

Efficiency – efficiency plays an important part when choosing a hood.

Most of the hoods we analyses are highly efficient and meet the most important requirements.

They are not big energy users.

Washable filters – when buying a hood, you need to pay attention to whether it has washable filters because this allows you to wash it in a dishwasher

The best value for money when it comes to hoods is somewhere between $300 and $600.

Most hoods in this price have enough fan power to clear your kitchen and make it devoid of any smells.

Also, hoods from this price range have lower volume as well as adjustable fan speeds and lighting.

They also can look pretty nice and add some value to the interior.

Certainly, spending more money can yield even better performance and a much more powerful fan.

Range hood styles

If you are about to remodel your kitchen and make it more modern and sleek, then you should especially focus on the design and the type of your hood.

There are different styles that can perfectly fit into your interior and you may as well have a difficult time deciding which one to choose.

To help you make up your mind we have compiled a list of the most popular and most often used hoods.

Wall-mounted chimney – this type of hood is the dominant type.

It is mounted against a wall over your range or cooktop.

However, this kind of hood can take up a lot of space where you might otherwise have cabinets installed.

Another good thing is that they come in various shapes and sizes, but the most popular designs are convex-glass and pyramid-style.

Over-the-range microwave – these hoods usually do not extend over your cooktop, which means they cannot be as effective as some other hoods.

Microwave hoods tend to work best when ducting has a short run, directly behind the intake.

Island – these hoods can be quite expensive.

Most options cost more than $1000.

They mount to your ceiling, hanging down over a kitchen island.

Downdraft – this type of hood is installed in kitchen islands, which means that you cannot see them when you do not use them.

Most people who use them believe that they are ineffective since they can struggle to suck up particles as they float up and away from the intake.

Recirculating hoods – these types of hoods can come in any style of the ones we have just listed.

In essence, they are decorative and they are not good at removing pollution that can come from your rooftop.

Don’t forget that having good ventilation going directly outside of the apartment is very important if you get rid of bad smells and keep your home polluted and clean.

Hood insert – if you decided to have a custom hood built in so that it would match your interior and your cabinets, you will have to get a ducting and the fan to put inside of it.

Professional – finally there are professional hoods that are high-powered and that are sometimes with more than 1500 CFM.

These can come in a whole range of blower setups and are a good choice.

However, if your house is not a restaurant there is no need to get one of these as they would be overkill.

Our pick: GE JVW5301

Why have we chosen GE JVW5301? For a number of reasons.

GE JVW53011

First of all, it has all the important features a hood should have to keep your kitchen comfortable, clean and less polluted.

It has enough power to clear out smoky air, it is not too loud, it has lighting settings and an adjustable fan.

But when compared to dozens of other models, we would definitely recommend this one as it has the best reputation among owners as well as the sleek and simple design that would fit into almost any kind of a kitchen.

This model can move enough air to keep up with different types of home cooking.

When it is at its highest speed, it moves 350 CFM.

And, when it is on its lowest setting, it will clear 150 CFM which is enough when you are boiling water.

In this way, you can easily remove pollution.

This hood is relatively quiet compared to the rest of the models at the same price.

At the highest fan setting, it can be as loud as your TV when it is turned up high enough so that you have to shout a little bit.

In most cases, you will not have to turn it up so high which means that you won’t have to listen to that loud noise.

When it is set on the lowest level, the sound is pretty comfortable as it equals the volume of your speaking voice.

Another reason why we have chosen this particular hood is that it has numerous reviews which give us a lot of insight into how it works for most people.

It has hundreds of ratings spread all over different retailer’s sites.

The average rating is 4.1 stars, which is definitely not outstanding but it is a pretty nice rating when compared to the others that we have analyses.

Most of the users like the fact that they do not make much noise as well as how effective they are when it comes to removing smoke and odours while cooking.

Next, we liked the pyramid style of this model as well as the functional buttons it has.

Interestingly, users said how much they liked that this particular model because it doesn’t, have prominent logos marked on the outside.

For on and off, this model has backlit pushbuttons and also individual buttons for fan speed changing.

This model should perfectly fit into a 30-inch cutout.

Also, if you need it, this model comes with the extension ducting for the ceiling that is up to 10 feet.

However, if you want to buy this hood because it fits perfectly into the interior but you do not have exhaust ducts, you might as well use this hood as a recirculating fan.

This hood has a one-year warranty and is HVI-certified which is also important info you need to consider.

There is also a remote you can get if you want to control the lighting and fan speed from anywhere in your kitchen.

This is optional.

You can remove the filter if you want and it is washable.

Although this hood has a high performance, it uses very little energy and it is not Energy-star certified.

Also, you can get 36-inches version and it comes in two finishes – slate and stainless steel.


5. The best wall oven – Café CTS70DP2NS1

Another large appliance that anyone should have in their house in the wall oven.

Café CTS70DP2NS1

There are many different wall ovens on the market, but there is just one that will add value to your home.

We picked Café CTS70DP2NS1 because it shows remarkable features and meets the expectations of many users.

First, let’s see how we picked it.

How we picked it?

While most ovens will work just fine, that is to bake or roast your food, there is a whole range of differences in how well they perform and what features they have.

Based on our extensive experience, a lot of conversation we had with experts and numerous reviews we have read we decided that the best oven is Café CTS70DP2NS1.

We compared 25 single oven models and decided that these are some crucial features any well-performing oven should have.

Cooking features – an oven that has 5-cubic capacity is just spacious enough to accommodate a large Thanksgiving Turkey or a large cookie sheet.

This means that essentially you don’t need more space than that.

Most of the ovens have an optional convection cooking mode which uses a fan, and, in most cases, additional heating element to make the cooking faster.

Also, most ovens have a feature that allows you to automatically convert the temperature for a non-convection recipe to one that will work best with the convection fan turned on.

Many models have three racks, but every oven comes with at least two racks.

This is an excellent feature when you are baking cookies or preparing some food during holidays when you need to place many dishes at once into your oven.

There are models which also have gliding racks which makes the whole process of cooking food so much easier than typical wire racks.

This can also be super useful whenever you need to stir a pan of vegetables or check the temperature when baking a chicken, etc.

The self-cleaning mode is also something that brings additional value to this oven because it makes the whole cleaning process so much more efficient.

While a few repair technicians told us that this feature may cause damage to electronic components, we haven’t’ seen that any wall-oven owner is complaining about it.

However, if you are worried that this feature will have a bad impact on your oven, you don’t have to use it.

However, you should keep in mind that there is no simpler way to clean the oven than this one.

Doing it manually will take much of your time and can be a rather unpleasant experience.

Some ovens have a steam-based cleaning feature.

But we have learnt from experience that this is not such a big plus as it leaves you with a lot of water and baked-on messes.

So maybe you should think twice when choosing an oven with this option.

There are also ovens where you can leave racks during the self-cleaning process and this is also a huge advantage.

Design and aesthetics

As mentioned before, one of the things that most people have in mind when choosing an oven is naturally a design because they want the oven to add up to the looks of their kitchen.

This model is installed at eye level which is why its aesthetics is essential.

For instance, stainless steel looks pretty good in most kitchens because it is essentially a neutral color.

While researching the ovens we realized that most of the wall ovens come in this finish.

However, we focused more on the models that offer a few finishes because different people have different tastes and preferences, so it was important to us that we satisfy everyone’s need.

Overall, round commercial-style tower-bar handles seem to more popular and this is an important feature of every upscale model.

Also, if your goal is to remodel and aim for high-end aesthetic, you should always opt for ovens with a flush feature.

We also checked each ovens controls to see how intuitive they are.

Most wall ovens come with digital control panels, and some also have color screens that give the oven a sleek look and help enable some additional features like assisted and automatic cooking modes, which might come in handy if you want to use them.

Knobs are usually found on high-end models of ovens.

Some people prefer models with knobs because these models allow people to choose oven settings more easily.

We also checked oven doors to see how smoothly they would open and close and in most cases we ere satisfied because they didn’t close with a bang.

Reliability and customer service

As with any appliance out there on the market you should always check other people’s experience and see if there are any issues people complain about constantly.

Like for example, you should check how responsive and reliable the customer service is.

And this is exactly what we did.

We concluded that it is really difficult to pin down both customer service and reliability, so we gathered feedback from many repair technicians because they seem to have the most experience in this area.

The feedback we got was quite consistent which helped us get some valuable insight into how the ovens work.

Also, we checked a few reviews to see if there were any widespread defects, design problems or bad product support we should be aware of.

Less important features

Also, there were a few features we considered but didn’t focus so much as they don’t bring any huge value.

For example, some models come with a temperature probe which, in theory, is a useful feature but seems to come only with high-end ovens which something we tried to omit because of the price.

Also, they are quite rare, so we didn’t consider them so essential.

There are a few extra cooking models like delayed cooking, Sabbath mode, preset cooking programs for specific foods.

We didn’t get an impression that people use them so much so we didn’t focus so much on them.

Still, they are nice to have.

Furthermore, some ovens offer semi-automated and assisted cooking programs which give you step-by-step guidance on how to prepare some food including the photographs on how your food should look like once it is prepared.

While this is not a crucial feature and something you should put on your list of preferences when choosing an oven, it’s nice to have that option as it gives you a few recommendations on the cooking time, Rack positions, right pan to use, etc.

Wi-fi connectivity is a feature you might once in while as like when you want to preheat your oven using your mobile phone.

Also, this feature might help you if there is something wrong with the oven and let the repair technician know what’s the problem before he even comes to your flat to check the oven.

Interestingly, this feature is increasingly popular as the whole world is going digital so maybe you should put this feature on your list of preferences.

Our pick – Café CTS70DP2NS1

This particular model stands out as one of the most popular and best functioning models out there on the market.

The best wall oven - Café CTS70DP2NS1

It is customizable, it has a pro-style design and amazing reputation when it comes to cooking performance.

Here are a few defining features of the Cafe: self-cleaning mode, clean styling, there are no visible knobs or buttons and there is a 7-inch color display whose touch controls light up when you turn on the oven.

There is a round handle that contributes to the look of the oven and you can choose among four finishes of the oven like copper, bronze, stainless steel and black stainless.

There is a large window and two halogen lights that give amazing visibility into the interior.

To get such a sharp-looking model you need to pay more money.

Cooking performance is another plus.

According to the dealers, GE models always excelled at baking and roasting.

Technicians we consulted didn’t report any serious issues and it seems that this model is highly reliable as it has better performance than other models.

It should be quite easy to use this model as it is pretty easy to set the oven using the touchscreen.

Also, it has several features that make it easy-to-use.

It has a slide-out rack that allows you to easily load and unload large trays, casserole.

Plus, there is a precision Control roasting assistant which lays out common dishes on the touchscreen and automatically set the right temperatures which means you don’t have to worry about whether a certain dish will burn or not.

It also gives you a few tips regarding which rack position as well as what type of bakeware you should use.

Of course, you don’t have to use this feature if you consider it to be unnecessary but it can be rather helpful, especially if you are cooking without a recipe.

There is also a setting that lets you automatically adjust temperatures and times from standard recipes.

This model has very good size – 5 cubic feet, which means it can easily accommodate a larger bird or an Easter ham.

There are also several convection modes to promote heating as well as warm settings and proofing, and there is a temperature probe it comes with.

On top of this, there is a steam-cleaning option that lets you remove a few spillovers after making a pie or lasagne.

During the high heat, the racks can remain in the oven.

This model also lets you connect to wi-fi meaning that you can control the oven through the app or even by using a voice command which is pretty awesome.

So, if you forgot to check if you turned off the oven or not, you can easily check it from the mobile app while driving a car.

This model comes with a one year warranty which is the case with most models.

Also, it comes with GE Appliances Fit Guarantee.

This means that the brand will credit you $300 in case the oven doesn’t fit your existing cutout.


6. The Best Slide-In Gas Range – GE JGS760

If you are looking for a stove that will give your kitchen a refined look and have an affordable price, you should opt for a slide-in range.


To help you come to the right decision and pick the one that suits your needs, we analyses around 60 models, consulted many experts and read a load of reviews.

Here is what we have found out.

How we picked?

Here are some of the essential things you should have in mind when choosing your slide-in gas range stove.

Cooktop – like with any stove, you should consider the look and the functionality of the cooktop.

You should expect the power burner to have at least 17000 Btu, if not even a little stronger.

The stronger the burner, the better the performance.

Pots and pans heat up much faster if the stove has a stronger burner which will save you plenty of time waiting for water to boil.

Also, you will get a simmer burner in the back row which will allow you to warm, melt and simmer with ease.

According to Frigidaire, simmer burners can get low as 500 Btu, and other stoves can also reach similar numbers.

Also, some of the readers said that they prefer to have the strongest burners in the front row as they use these burners most often, so we favored stoves with this kind of layout.

However, it is also useful to keep in mind that many pediatricians think that it is better to have a stove that has a back burner, which is out of reach for small kids and therefore ensure their safety.

If this is what you worry about, there is a whole range of stoves offering strong burners at the back row.

Most slide-in range stoves have five burners.

Sometimes the fifth burner is in an oval shape which turns out to be a great fit for a griddle.

While some people consider the fifth burner to be quite useful others don’t use so much.

This highly depends on cooking habits.

There are also continuous grates that are in most cases made of either cast iron or steel.

They come standard or slide-in ranges.

This surface makes it quite easy to slide cookware around the surface of the cooktop.

Also, larger items are balanced better single-burner grates and smaller ones.


When it comes to the oven, capacity plays an important role.

Most slide-ins have an oven larger than 4.8 cubic feet, thus making it quite spacious for baking different kinds of portions and foods like 16-inches pizza stone or a Thanksgiving turkey.

All ranges come with three oven racks, only maybe the cheapest ones don’t.

Some of the pricier ones even include one rolling rack, which helps the dishes glide in and out more easily.

Also, a vast majority of ovens have some kind of a convection cooking mode that turns on the fan at the back of the oven cavity.

If this convection works well, the cookies that you bake will bake more evenly, roasted veggies and meats will become crispier and pastry crusts will be flakier.

Some models even have an extra electric heating element that is usually near the fan, commonly known as European convection or “true” convection.

According to some people, this feature makes baking even more convenient, but we cannot say that we have any specific data about whether this is true or not.

However, we believe it’s worth having some kind of convection regardless of which type you choose.

Another thing that you should have on your list of priorities when choosing your oven is the self-cleaning feature.

This will save you lots of time and effort as you won’t have to do it manually.

While some of the repair technicians believe that self-cleaning option might damage your oven as it may have a negative impact on the electronics, it is by far the best way to clean your oven.

Also, manual cleaning can be a rather unpleasant job you would definitely like to avoid.

Some models even have a steam based, self cleaning feature, but it is not effective according to many users and their reviews.

You should definitely use this option.

If you are afraid that it may damage your oven, use it sparingly.

Built quality and design

Finally, think about the design when choosing your oven.

When analyzing the models we would be able to see them live and check whether they have knobs that are made of metal and that are securely fastened to the front of the range.

We also checked if the doors opened smoothly and whether the drawers and racks were easy to slide out or remove.

Plus, we jiggled the grates around just to see how secure they were as well as how easy it is to remove them.

Another thing we paid close attention to was the finishes.

The more finishes the oven has the easier it is for the users to design their kitchens.

This is why we gave a slight preference to the ones that had at least three options, although most people see to prefer stainless steel finish.

Reliability and customer service

As mentioned before it is really hard to know how reliable the product is and how responsive customer service is.

To know that you have to buy the product, use it for some time and wait for some potential damages, malfunctions, etc.

For this reason, we mostly relied on the more traditional and older and popular products because they seem to have more reviews and we definitely know more about them.

Also, many repair technicians gave us feedback n many models.

However, this feedback is highly inconsistent, so we don’t rely so much on it.

Less important features

Like with all the products thaw we analyst, we also looked into some less relevant but still present features.

Here are some of them:

A wok grate – temperature probe and any other accessory seem like an additional value but they are not something that you have to focus so much on because you can buy them all separately if you want.

Extra cooking modes – food-specific presets, proofing modes, delayed starts and other modes are good to have, but we honestly doubt that many people use them a lot.

So, we believe that having these extra cooking modes is something that can add value, we didn’t focus on them so much because we don’t consider them to be essential.

Wi-fi connectivity – like with other appliances, this features can help a lot when it comes to checking whether you have left your oven turned on or not as well as to diagnose malfunctions so that the technicians would know what to focus on before reaching your apartment.

Some models allow you to control the oven setting with your voice control, but we are not convinced that this feature can ensure 100 % of security.

However, even if you believe that this feature is something that you should not look for when buying the oven, it’s unquestionably that with the rise of digitalization all around the world, this feature will simply be unavoidable.

Of course, you can always choose not to set up wi-fi at all.

Our pick: GE JGS760

Why have we opted for this specific oven?

GE JGS76011

Slide-in ranges all have amazing features and they all work very well.

We liked this particular appliance because the brand has a well-known reputation, and this specific model is well-reviewed with no obvious defects reliability concerts or design flaws.

It comes in six different finishes which is something that should help the stove look good in almost any kind of interior.

It has a large oven with convection and a cooktop which is nicely laid out.

There were a few complaints about defective units, but all of them were not enough to suggest a widespread problem with the quality of this model.

The control knobs were all fairly secured and the storage doors, as well as the oven, open rather smoothly.

There is also an electronic touchpad which is sealed by a plastic membrane.

Membranes are rather typical for the oven at this kind of price.

There are cast-iron grates on the cooktop surface.

This model comes in six finishes including fingerprint-resistant black stainless steel, fingerprint-resistant black slate, black and white, stainless steel, fingerprint-resistant slate.

Keep in mind that this is the front-control range and not a true slide-in.

While we were going through numerous reviews we couldn’t find any defects or any proof of malfunction, or some kind of errors.

The only bad reviews we came across were written by people who received a defective unit which is always a risk with almost any appliance.

Another thing that cough our attention is the fact that this particular model put the power burners at the front part of the cooktop and the secondary burners at the back, plus they put an oval-shaped burner at the centre of the griddle.

This power burner is a little bit more powerful than what you will find on some other similar ranges and should boil a half-gallon of water in about 8 to 10 minutes (depending on the pot and other factors).

It sits next to another 15,000 Btu power burner, which will boil a little slower but is still quite strong.

The weaker burners are in the back row, including a 5,000 Btu “simmer” element.

The cast-iron grates extend to the side edges of the stove, and the surface separates into three parts so that they’re easier to carry to the sink or dishwasher for cleaning.

If you want to put a larger turkey for Thanksgiving day, this model will fit perfectly. This model will also be able to accept large 16-inch pizza stone, or a three-quarters baking sheet.

It includes a standard convection mode with options for convection bake and convection roast, which refers to which elements are engaged during the convection cycle.

There are three removable racks offering a lot of space for fitting a variety of items. That racks have six height options and the oven has both a steam-based self-cleaning option and a high-heat option as well.

This model has also pad for temperature regulation and countdown timer.

The product does not have any disadvantages.

The only thing we noticed was a few one-star owner reviews complaining about the oven shutting off during the preheat cycle.

This is definitely something that might be pretty annoying and a thing to deal with, but it appears to be a relatively uncommon defect.

This is why it hasn’t changed our minds and we would always recommend this model as the best one in its range (If we see a lot more one-star reviews start to roll in citing the same problem, we may reconsider).

Do note that The JGS760 doesn’t come with continuous cast-iron grates, the central portion of the cooktop is a griddle.

However, a good thing is that you can buy a central grate separately if you want one.

Other devices with a similar price range have some features like heated-fan convection, gliding rack, or glass touch panels but this one has none.

Why Should You Trust Us When It Comes to Buying These Large Appliances?

With extensive experience in researching and reviewing numerous products, from smaller ones to the largest ones, we can say that we have a deep insight into the things that matter and don’t matter when searching for an ideal kitchen appliance that will perfectly fit into your home.

Each time we start doing an in-depth analysis of every product on the market, we gather a certain number of models of that specific brand and then we check if it has some basic and crucial features that as well as those less important but nice to have features.

We also consult several users and repair technicians and ask them to give us feedback on the performance of each appliance so that we could see if there are any malfunctions, damages and other issues we should keep in mind.

We also like to see the product live so that we can open the doors, check the handles and all other things that will help us have a clear picture of what the product is really like.

We invest many hour and a lot of our effort into this research with the aim to achieve the best results and help you in your decision-making process.

Hopefully, we helped you pick the right large appliances that will perfectly fit into your interior and work efficiently for a long period of your time.

We know that choosing the appliances for your kitchen can be quite time-consuming and stressful, so we’ve decided to do an extensive research and provide you with all the bits and pieces you need to make the right decision.

We will continue to do our best and provide you with all the necessary info that you need to get the best products on the market at affordable prices.

Stay tuned!


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